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Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m an explorer. Seems pretentious, right? Calling yourself an ‘explorer‘ in this day and age – but I can’t think of better term to describe what has been an obsessive passion of mine for nearly 15 years, so I’ll stick with it. I’ve made two first crossings of deserts in Central Asia, been featured in The New York Times, ridden horses 1000km retracing the route of another British explorer down the old Tsarist postal roads, explored unvisited valleys in the Tian Shan, lived with hunters in Tajikistan, and much more besides.

I also speak about these adventures, and what they’ve taught me about leadership as a Chief Marketing Officer at a global fintech business with 10m users. If you’d like to know more, or to book me for an after-dinner talk, why not get in touch?

Jamie’s expeditions represent part of Great Britain’s continued tradition of exploration and adventure across some of the planet’s most undervisited regions.”
Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Explorers need to explore

So here’s what I’ve done:
• The first on-foot crossing of the Saryesik-Atyrau Desert.
• Mounted the first expedition ever to cross the Betpak-Dala or the ‘Steppe of Misfortune’ from its easternmost extremity on the shores of Lake Balkash to its western edge on the Sarysu River. I also ran 190 miles, or nearly eight marathons, back to back over the course of eight days within the region.
• A 63 day unsupported crossing of the length of Eastern Kazakhstan by horse.
• One month living and working with Kirghiz hunters in South East Tajikistan (including new cave and valley exploration, as well as small archaeological discoveries from the X-XI C. Sak city of Bazar Dara)
• A 100 mile, multi-day, camel supported run across the Red Sands Desert in Uzbekistan.
• Chronicling the lives of Kazakh eagle hunters in Western Mongolia.
• Winter packrafting down the Khovd River, Mongolia (temperatures down to -20°C) in retrofitted and homemade packrafts.
• Interviewing and reporting on environmental deforestation within Armenia (published in Geographical Magazine).
Reporting on the further environmental damage of Lake Sevan’s changing water levels (published in Hidden Europe Magazine).
• Exploration of the at-the-time virtually unvisited Djangart Valleys, Tien Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan, including documentation of local fauna within the valleys (Published in Climber Magazine).

that was a lot of text. how about watching ‘a portrait of orozbek to finish?”

It won ‘Best Environmental Documentary’ at the Mountain Film Festival 2015
A portrait of orozbek

p.s. a thanks to my sponsor

I also have to make a big shout out to my long-time sponsor Christopher Ward watches. Over the past four years they’ve backed me on my trips – both with kit (some hardcore watches) as well as funding – which has allowed me to pursue continuously interesting expeditions and adventures. I’m grateful and humbled that, of all the British explorers out there, Christopher Ward continue to support me. Thanks guys.  

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