UK Adventurer

Jamie is the leading Central Asia adventure speaker, inspiring brands with motivational accounts of modern day exploration. He is represented by Pro-Motivate Speakers Agency.

Award-Winning Explorer

Nine expeditions to Central Asia. Receipt of the Sir Peter Holmes Memorial Award, the British-Kazakh Society's Person of the Year Award and Nominated 'Adventurer of the Year'.

Content Marketer

The world's first explorer-brand strategist with a comprehensive knowledge of marketing—demonstrating real return on investment for businesses globally.

Across the past 10 years Jamie been a rock climber, long distance horse-rider, hotel shift worker, shortlisted Features Articles of the Year writer, newspaper reporter, indie print magazine co-founder, shortlisted National Adventurer of the Year, store assistant, the British-Kazakh Society's 'Person of the Year', 8 in 8 days marathon runner, fashion writer, desert explorer, 4:34 miler, shortlisted in the Travel Photographer of the Year Awards, talent manager and competitive pole vaulter.

He's lived and adventured with eagle hunters in Western Mongolia, ridden horses 800 miles across Kazakhstan, worked with nomads on the border of Afghanistan, ran with camel herders in Uzbekistan, found ancient artefacts in the high mountains of Tajikistan, come off several galloping horses, been irradiated, fallen down two cliffs, had a case of frost-related nerve damage, and exposed to who knows what on an abandoned experimental Soviet weapons testing facility. His passion is long form and investigative journalism.

Jamie is a proud Challenger with Christopher Ward Watches. Read their blog for info about his most recent sponsored expedition for 2017.

A Brief History of Content

Jamie has been involved in the world of content creation for over a decade now. His first articles, in print and online, were for Climber, before going on to help launch ‘Sidetracked’, one of the world’s foremost adventure-themed print magazines (in Apple’s June 2015 World Wide Developers Conference, visuals of Sidetracked were also used to demonstrate the beauty and power of Apple’s new News app for iOS).

Since that time, Jamie’s expertise in the practical application of content for generating business ROI has grown significantly. Now in a position as Senior Editorial Strategist at NewsCred –the world’s leading content marketing software company – he regular advises companies globally on how to make the most from content marketing.

When he gets a chance, he actively demonstrates the power of generating powerful content through his personal expeditions to Asia.