‘Oscar!’ Grandad greeted me at the door. Not that I minded, age 8, that’s just what he called me. Perhaps I was the photo of a war-dead friend – maybe he just didn’t like James. But we always boxed. “Keep your fists up, guard that jaw,” he’d lilt, gorilla arms batting me about the ears, just […]


Droplets pelt our face. I hadn’t camped out with Dad for fifteen years, but the weather’s always the same. North of England means showers without pause, wet feet, and the odd midnight evacuation. I loved it all back then – before our family pain burrowed too close to my heart. Older, open, we eat cheese […]


I haven’t written for a while. For a while there wasn’t much to write. Truth be told, only between you and me, my oldest and dearest friend, I screamed and raged and cursed blackest the news. T’is quite a skill to blaspheme the Almighty without saying a word you know. But then I am, after […]