Race Recap: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10k (December)

The first I knew of being in trouble was when my wrist buzzed loudly at the end of Mile 1. Looking away from the group all around me—six or seven men I’d be doggedly hanging with since the starting horn had blared a few minutes previously—I stared at the GPS watch’s readout: a 5:15 min […]

Running Shoe Review: Karrimor Zephyr 200 (Mens)

I recently bought a pair of cheap running trainers for £35, and the reaction on Instagram was that, on the whole, this was a universally bad idea. The reasonI bought the trainers—Karrimor Zephyr 200s made specifically for the running store Sweatshop—was because, with my increased training load, I was looking for a ‘naff’ pair of […]

Cruising the Treadmills, Part II

I thought I’d write a second parter to conclude my fortnight of training whilst away in the Caribbean, on a recent cruise ship speaking tour/holiday I’ve been on. Before departing I had never actually set foot on a treadmill in the capacity of a serious runner, yet by the time I left the boat, one […]

Cruising the Treadmills, Part I

Peace for Paris — As anybody who’s been following my Instagram account will know by now: I’m on a Caribbean cruise holiday right now. Bit of a strange choice for a holiday you might think, but the reason I’m here is that I’ve managed to combine it with a bit of speaking as well. I’m halfway […]