bio: jamie maddison

jamie maddison

Let me introduce myself, I’m Jamie Maddison: I do many things and wear many different hats. But for the purpose of brevity, I’m a British adventurer with a speciality focus on exploring Central Asia. Why explore there, you ask? Well, because I like it – firstly – and secondly, there’s actually a lot still to explore there. 

so what have i explored? 

To date, I’ve made the first crossing of Kazkahstan’s Saryesik-Atyrau desert by running 70 miles across it in 30 hours, made the first east to west crossing of the Betpak-Dala desert, ridden 1000km with threes horse for 64 days across Kazakhstan tracing the journey of Sir Howard-Bury in 1913, lived with hunters in the Pamir mountains, journeyed with eagle hunters in Western Mongolia, ran 100 miles in Uzbekistan’s Red Sands desert, explored untouched valleys in Kyrgyzstan’s Tian Shan mountains, and much more besides. You can check out the journeys individually in the expedition section of my website. 

matt and jamie with their horses
The Post Roads Expedition, 2013

i also talk about all of this

I’ve been super lucky to be able to share the stories of my adventures for many different organisations including: TEDx Square Mile, Christopher Ward, Celebrity Cruises, Ernest Journal, Wilderness Lectures, The Royal Society for Asian Affairs and many more. I love talking about my expeditions and what I’ve learned from the endless hours in less-than-ideal situations; how these hardships have helped me no end in my day-to-day work and life.  


Speaking of work, it would probably be useful to say what I actually do when I’m not exploring. I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at a global fintech company called TradingView. My focus is on digital marketing, specifically product, brand, PR, SEO, content, lead generation, contact strategy and word of mouth marketing. My LinkedIn is the best place to go if you’d like to know more about this topic. 

anything else? 

I get obsessed by things quite easily, especially fitness, so I’m also quite proud of various athletic achievements too, including running a mile in 4:34, 5km in 16:15, climbing Font 7B+, and new routing boulder problems all across Cornwall. In my spare time, I’m also big into painting, poetry and perfumery. Again, sounds super pretentious (it is a little bit) but if you’d like to know more anyhow why not check out my blogs on the topics. 

awards and accolades

• Best finance content marketing (shortlisted), ​ The CMA ​(2019)
• LendingUp​!,​​ keynote speaker​​ (2019)
• Speaker​,​ ​TEDx Square Mile​ ​(2017) 
• Sir Peter Holmes Memorial Award​,​ ​the Royal Society for Asian Affairs​ ​(2013)
• Best contribution for furthering relations between the UK and Kazakhstan​,​ ​British-Kazakh Society (2012)
• H​ighly Commended​ ​–​ ​Feature article of the year award​,​ ​National Council for the Training of Journalists (2011)

what’s next?

I’ve got a great new trip planned for 2020; stay tuned for more updates soon.

p.s. i wrote a novel

But it never got published. You can read it here for free if you’d like. All comments and thoughts welcome.