i looked everywhere for youdown the canal pathsover the fieldsi searched between treesand behind cowsi asked the badgers in their densbut they couldn’t tell mewhy you’d stopped visitingthese wildflower meadowsholding council with cloudsthat came to you as i hadwith a troubled heart stained dark with bloodcarried away by the windi asked her whyyou never came […]


DVD containsspirited awaydusted white clearlybitter aspirinchewed, stuck upnoses, I am speedI am rush, I am elationand I am talkfor hours – talk to meno, let me talk to youyou just get ityou just get it, don’t you?fires burn in distant citiesnight cannot enterbump back your hourswe banish you for nowI live, heart beatingtick-tock crocodilemorning chasesreplacessleepselfmeI […]

parking lot sahara

Empty parking lots intrigue me —not your high-street minnowsskipped over in a beat or two,but the angry tarmac of airports,hostile in anguished emptiness. I imagine a hurried citizen of 2020unwittingly stumbles on the intrepid.Mask down – he’s taking a call,acronymic agency crap distracts.No looking up until it’s too late. Worry needles the man. He’s far,connection’s […]

generational change

You’ll be shot at dawn.I’ve done nothing wrong.Nevertheless, that’s when you’ll be shot.What happens after?After you’re shot? I’ll roll you into the pitwe made together and fit you a suit of soil,until my hands ache in their centres.I never hurt anyone.We’ve all hurt someone.I never hurt anyone.You poisoned the minds of children,knelt on the throats […]

taking a train in the time of covid-19

Paddington station is as empty as midnightafter the last train’s pulled in,and they’ve already shut the McDonald’s. Yet right now there’s only uniform blue above,mirrored in the masks of travellers below –rectangles of sky laid delicately across lips. I’d call the train to Stonehouse ecclesiastical,Pick a pew, sit and here be repentant,Silence’s so easy when […]


Stef is on a call,I’m left thinking of her. Her pink dress,ginger Japanese hair,big Brazilian smile– those dimples – She’s so special,she makes me better. I’ll wait for the call’s endthen scoop up my wife– hold her tight.