Droplets pelt our face. I hadn’t camped out with Dad for fifteen years, but the weather’s always the same. North of England means showers without pause, wet feet, and the odd midnight evacuation. I loved it all back then – before our family pain burrowed too close to my heart. Older, open, we eat cheese […]


DVD containsspirited awaydusted white clearlybitter aspirinchewed, stuck upnoses, I am speedI am rush, I am elationand I am talkfor hours – talk to meno, let me talk to youyou just get ityou just get it, don’t you?fires burn in distant citiesnight cannot enterbump back your hourswe banish you for nowI live, heart beatingtick-tock crocodilemorning chasesreplacessleepselfmeI […]

old classics

We were driving to your home one night, Old classics playing in the car. You said I liked these ones best – grooving along. They bring back memories, from near and from far. Memories, memories, memories. You had a lifetime of those.The war, three children, grandkids, great grandkids.Our family grows and grows. But wait, who […]

How to grow your audience online

Time has gone so quickly this week. One moment it’s a Sunday, friends are round, food is being served. Then, a week of work; a blur of tasks, deadlines, calls and decks. Never in my life have I ever made so many slideshow presentations back to back. But it’s all good; there’s this accelerated learning […]