What is content marketing?

At its core, content marketing is simply the creation of something valuable and then the distribution of that valuable item to a specified target audience, with the aim of driving a positive business action as a result. 

What does content marketing look like?

Traditionally, content marketing as an industry has focused on short-form article writing, although the sector is growing rapidly, with more and more businesses using multi-modal forms of content to drive their message home. NewsCred, the company Jamie works for, is currently involved in many forms of content creation: from video to long-form articles, photography to infographics.

What is adventure content marketing?

Adventure content marketing uses adventurers and expeditions to generate content that aligns with aspirational values inherent to the best businesses. Content ideation and creation still needs to be undertaken around any expedition but the focal point itself, the item that gives that content value, is the adventure.

How does Jamie do adventure content marketing?

Jamie runs. Specifically he undertakes long distance, multi-day and ultra marathon crossings of previously unvisited and uncrossed regions of Central Asia, namely deserts. Thankfully for him, there’s still a lot of desert left to run across and so plenty of content still to generate!

How is content marketing linked to after-dinner speaking?

With a full time job on the cards, and aside from the once a year expedition to Asia, the primary way Jamie demonstrates the principles of content creation and distribution is through his after-dinner talks. For more information, please visit the Speaker’s page.

How can I do content marketing?

Super simply, create content that you think might work for an audience, try it out and then refine based on what’s successful, and what isn’t!

How do I prove the ROI from Content Marketing?

That’s a bit trickier. NewsCred Insights is a good place to start, but if you’re still stuck Jamie is always happy to give a few pointers. Get in touch via the Contact Page.