“I’ve always thought the main attraction of adventure is the ability it has to completely withdraw oneself from conscious thought. To shut worry and doubt up in a little recess of the mind for a while, and instead burst out across an unknown lands as a single point of blank energy, filled only with power and potential. You stagger back home after, exhausted, bent out of shape, but happy as anything—ready to go back to life knowing that—really—anything’s possible.”

Over the past decade Jamie has been good-fortuned enough to experience some incredible events and moments; from the world of history, replicating the journey of British explorers, to culture and the exploration of some of Central Asia’s most remote archeological sites; to old-school adventures across forgotten lands, and finally in the world of sport too.

The result is that he’s now accumulated a wealth of stories about places and real-life expeditioning—stuff you’ll never hear from the more famous public speakers—alongside a myriad of humorous tales and anecdotes that have entertained audiences up and down the country.

Now a professional presenter, Jamie has spoken in the Houses of Parliament, on cruise ships, at festivals and schools across the country. An adept motivational and public speaker, he carries a unique flair and energy to the stage, bringing his experiences to life and also providing corporate clients motivational lessons for inspiring and achieving success—hard-earned coaching from across a decade of exploration in Asia.

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