Whilst this shattered world of mountain passes,

may put off the homely masses,

we, who refused to stay

gaze upon skies rarely grey.

For despite the long and empty road ahead

all that rattles around our head –

are chuckling tales from travellers past,

and a knowledge that we’re not the last

to tread upon this punctured earth;

an ancient motherland giving birth

to those long-held dreams 

of escaping drab and dreary city scenes.

To go out and embrace adventure

is certainly no ill-begotten venture.

For whilst our bodies may fray and thin.

I’m sure that our only sin – 

– is to be a little different, us we few,

always seeking the highest peak, the best view.

Along paths we ourselves do make

not to mention the many pictures we try to take

of us living long and laughing fully,

creating memories that will not sully.

Of the endless perfect day. 

We, who have come this way.

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