if i were to break from reality

Crystal through the skull
fire that builds, stultified
punch the wall, this time call
oh what fun – reckless above
flow my tears, flow my rage
down onto that bandaged page
give it up, go again, let it down
here meaning, there, it’s gone
see? share a hole, live in the well
shouting echos, head scraping
banging against the wall
give it all, give it all
have a fall – go on go.

Go again, always one more
life noir, venetian slats
blunt scissors in their backs
oh what fun, enjoy its wash
bathe in walled barriers, cold
shivers flow to this disjointed
reconnect, d—isjoint, lose all
make now now, rationalise
nothing, let it all hang
swinging on strings
bringing round home.

Hold on. disj—oint, reconnect
break the ropes off wrists
limp across the floor and
fall into pools of gold
lay at the bottom, I’m told
more oxygen left, but only just
keeping going but how long
water flowing down throats
black within — without, disjoint
running jump, yeah?

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