living with herders in tajikistan

Two weeks after Matt Traver and I completed our Post Roads Expedition we ventured south overland, down Tajikistan’s Pamir highway to meet with Orozbek, a Kyrgyz hunter and herder. Through Orozbek’s friendship and openness the team were able to document his way of life as an inhabitant of the remote Pamir Mountains, just fifteen kilometres from the border with Afghanistan.

During their stay, we learnt about yak herding, marmot trapping and oil extraction, uncovered a Tsarist-era mine, accidentally stumbled upon a uranium-polluted valley, spotted the threatened Marco Polo sheep, met with many mountain nomads, made a few small archeological discoveries at the rarely visited Bazar-Dara caravanserai, explored new caves and picked a few zany wild teas along the way.

Our journey eventually became the award-winning documentary, A Portrait of Orozbek.