Wanted to write a brief blog on the week just gone as by all account it’s been a pretty interesting one. Safely ensconced back in the London routine after a rather hectic few days up in Scotland last week, it’s been good to rattle out run after run, and all that distance has certainly added up; 61.8 miles this week! This is without a doubt the largest milage week I’ve ever done, with the possible exception of that one time I ran to Brighton, and the best bit is that I’ve felt pretty in control and relaxed throughout.

The week’s highs include British Military Fitness on Monday, 7x 1k intervals on Tuesday (3:30min/km), Saturday’s 3x 10min @5:46min/mi tempo intervals, and today’s 14 mile long run at an outstandingly easy—feeling 6:55min/mi pace. Lows were mainly on Wednesday, where I felt a bit off and slow, and Thursday, which was a 9 mile run in the dark after a boozy Christmas dinner—not pleasant.

The biggest news from the week however has been in the planning the New Year’s new big races with my coach Shaun from letsgetrunning.co.ukI’m now approaching the end of 12 week, steadily intensifying, training block; my last race of this will be a good old ParkRun on Boxing Day, to see if I can dip in under 17 minutes for the first time. After that I get a week off—a full week off! Then, straight into the next training block, nine week’s of solid distance focused work to get me ready for the big objective of the Spring: Liverpool Half Marathon.

The aim with this one is big: top 10 and sub75 minutes (I’m gunning for a Championship Entry to London Marathon). But if I don’t get it then no worries, it’ll be early in the season so there’ll be plenty of time for another shot. Really exciting times upcoming! 

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