old classics

We were driving to your home one night,
Old classics playing in the car.
You said I liked these ones best – grooving along.
They bring back memories, from near and from far.

Memories, memories, memories.
You had a lifetime of those.
The war, three children, grandkids, great grandkids.
Our family grows and grows.

But wait, who are you to not also talk about your Dudley,
with whom you shared your life.
That great man who lifted you up,
supported you in love and through strife.

So when I dropped you off, it was no big surprise to me.
You took my hand and pulled me in to say –
Keep the special ones close, James,
Never push them away.

I’ve tried to heed your advice dear Jen,
As the years have gone by and by.
Still each visit you’d find a moment to squeeze my fingers
and remind me exactly the reason why.

The love we hold is special.
The family we raise is too.
The memories we leave matter.
And this is the life we should see through.

You’ve left us now, our Nan.
And gone to where we cannot yet go.
But I’ll always listen to those old classics,
and remember how much you loved us so.

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  1. A wonderfully tribute to Nanny and recited so eloquently at the funeral. Well done Jamie, you did her proud and we are all so proud of you xxx

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