Woo! What a tiring week; over 55 miles since my last blog and with only one rest day. Last Sunday kicked off the new training week in style, first with a 11 mile long run, then followed immediately after with a 5k Santa Dash. Put on by doitforcharity.com the run was held in Victoria Park and gathered together around 4000 runners, everyone dressing up in Father Christmas costumes and doing one or two (for 10k runners) laps around the East End Park. It was good fun; Hannah and I joking around, running easily and going with the flow of things. It was quite funny to see how seriously some people were taking the event though, with santa costumes tied around waists or stuffed into bins; discarded by their owners in an attempt to eek out a few more seconds through the throng of Santas.

That's a lot of Santas
That’s a lot of Santas
At least the costume's warm.
At least the costume’s warm.

Monday saw a steady evening running, 9 miles at 6:50min/miles, so a touch faster than my normal steady pace. Felt good though, and it’s encouraging that I’m now starting to dip into the 6s as my steady running pace, although if truth be told, I think I’m still around the 7:10min/mi mark for keeping things super relaxed.


Tuesday’s training took the form of a Yasso 800 (lite) session, 8x 800m, with the rest equivalent to the last time taken for the last interval. I met a beefy sprinter at the track whilst doing this session too, working on his 200s and it was pretty cool to get chatting and see his speed workouts for the shorter distances (he was quick too, 23 seconds for the 200m). It was also pretty encouraging when he couldn’t believe I was doing 8x 800m as training: ‘That’s insane’, he joked. My interval average was 2:36, so hopefully with a bit of training sub 2hour40 for the marathon is a possibility.

On Tuesday evening I took a sleeper train up to Aviemore, Scotland, for work. It might be a bit uncomfortable but for 40 quid each way, it gets you up from London for a record cheap price. Of course it’s bloody freezing up north at the moment, and it gets dark in record time too, which when combined with a heavy rainfall and howling winds, made Wednesday’s session a right old pain in the head.

hostel forest

Thursday was the best day of the week, an early morning run through the fresh snow outside the town. No one was about in the hills and it was difficult finding the path, so needless to say the pace wasn’t exactly the fastest. But it was pretty special to be out through the snow-dusted forests by myself; it felt like a scene from a Calvin and Hobbes comic, and very, very Christmassy.

Friday was a much needed rest day, and today saw a sub40 10k training run, including the warm up time and jogging between sets; pretty psyched about that! 3x 9minute tempo training at around 5:45min/miles.


Now it’s for time for a very mellow chill out at home. Pancakes have been cooked and Netflix’s Bill Murray Christmas Special already watched. Excited for the holiday to come!

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