the second longest green

Frampton has the second longest green in all of England.
I know this for an indisputable fact,
because our Mum would always tell us so,
on muddy walks that inevitably meandered past the church.

I always wanted to know what the first longest green looked like.
How much further exactly – tell me in metres –
would the neatly clipped columns of green grass extend?
How many more cottages would nestle at its straight, bushy edges?

Imagine if the first longest green in all of England
was exactly twice as tall as our favourite son. So large in fact,
that the cricket players at its top, dressed in white, wouldn’t see
the horse riders at the boot, cantering under the oak trees.

Imagine if the first longest green in all of England,
was as long as England herself. Cotswold cottages here,
golden sandstone, leading into the Lake’s dry stone walls
as we all come out to shoe in some important celebration.

Unfortunately, our mum got her facts a bit muddled.
Frampton village has the longest green in all of England.
And no one’s yet out, sharing tea and cake
across the counties.

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