tian shan mountains

I first came to Kyrgyzstan as part of a climbing expedition hoping to explore an isolated valley in a remote section of the Tian Shan Mountains. The expedition team arrived only a few weeks after the violent ethnic clashes of June 2010 wracked the southern city of Osh. After days of bone-jarring travelling, our group of five mountaineers finally arrived at a small military base, the last vestige of civilisation before the Mountains of Heaven reared up to guard the way into the land of the Orient.

From there, we proceeded to lug their equipment and nearly three weeks’ worth of food over a 4000m pass and into the beautiful and pristine valley of the Djangart. Over the course of many weeks out in this wilderness the climbing team managed to summit three new peaks – all around 5,000m high – whilst I documented the expedition and amazing natural environment of this remote and virtually unvisited valley.