what do you see?

I brought you here –
Look at you. Look at you, my dear boy
Let me show you me, all of me
The me that life agreed
Ship with changed boards
Different crew, from you
Heading away from shore
Oh, my God, what a tour. I can’t explain
But let me try. Please, let me try
Each move blinkered to what comes next
– every text, every consequence
My reflection, recompense
To you, and only you
So, my lad, tell me, what do you see?
Tell me, what do you see in me?
Have the years been good?
I didn’t do all I said we could and should
So far, the paths are hard and they are slow
Just why the hell did you want to go?
But I think I chose well (did I choose so well?)
Tell me, what do you see, young man?
Are you glad of what I’ve become?
Because I’m the sum of your conviction
Addiction. Obsessive friction in my mind
What’s right, what’s sight, and here’s the bind
I brought you here, my boy, I brought from before
Where you saw a wholly different place,
Ah, but I think you knew – you knew even then!
That ten years soon adds ten more
Pullover, stop the car, the tracks are set
You won’t get far
One more plea, dear child, I need your voice
For the route is tough—
Brilliant, frustrating life – so sweet, so short
But for me, enough
So I ask you one final time
What do you see?

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